What is fractional ownership?

Fractional Ownership, also known as shared ownership, in real estate refers to the legal sharing of real estate among more than one owner. Each owner has their own freehold title which is derived by splitting the real estate title. You enjoy all the rights and privileges of owning deeded real estate. That is, you can sell your property at any time at any price, will your share to your heirs, rent it, allow friends to use it or invite guests to share it. Use of your property is governed by a legal arrangement which is put in place and specifies which time each owner gets to use the real estate. The way by which the real estate will be managed and how costs will be shared is also specified. Fractional ownership offers a sensible, problem-free way to balance your vacation time usage to your investment in a second home.


Why choose Fractional Ownership?

Here are the top reasons why Fractional Ownership with Costa Developers makes for a perfect investment.


• It’s Really Yours: you will own a legally enforceable, deeded stake in the Retreat. You’ll be part of an exclusive club of other savvy investors who understand the value in segmented investing. You don’t just own ‘time’ or rights of use. You really own this asset and can do with it as you wish. You may sell it at any time, reaping the benefits of any increase in market value. You can will it to your heirs, use it with your friends and family or simply turn it over to our professional management team to be rented out, generating a cash return on your investment!


• You Deserve a Vacation: instead of vacationing to a hotel,resort or worse, renting a house or condo and watching your money being paid to someone else, you will be spending time at your own ‘home away from home’ in Costa Rica. Spend less, enjoy more. Every week you spend at your condo brings you that much closer to a return on your initial investment. Vacation to Costa Rica every year, you deserve it!


• Be Thrifty: why own an entire vacation property and bear all the risks, costs and headaches if you can invest in Fractional Ownership and share that risk with others? Studies show that the average vacation home owner uses their home only 17 days a year!! Why would anyone want to pay for 365 days of maintenance and upkeep for just 17 days of use?


• No Hassles, Headaches or Surprises: security, maintenance, taxes, management, these are all enormous headaches for individuals who own homes abroad. At Costa Developers fractional ownership properties, we handle ALL of this for you for a very reasonable, predictable and transparent management fee.


How does it work?

Fractional House Photo .: Fractional House

Fractional House:

The Beach House is divided into 25 deeded fractional ownership shares, representing two weeks of access to the property. Weeks in the beach house are divided into three categories: High Season, Green Season and Premium. The Premium weeks consist of weeks 51 and 52. Owners of shares in the beach house will be guaranteed access to the property during their selected weeks every year. Should owners wish to gain access to the property during different weeks, they may deposit their weeks into the rental pool and select from any available weeks in the pool.